From Selma to MontgomeryThe Voting Registration Campaigns of 1963 and 1965

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From Selma to Montgomery
The Voting Registration Campaigns of 1963 and 1965

February 1 – March 15 2020

SELMAJohn Lewis (3rd from L.), Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (center), Ralph Abernathy (2nd from R.), and Andrew Young lead the march from Selma to Montgomery which took place on March 21-25, 1965.

This photographic exhibition showcases images of the African American struggle to register and vote in Selma, Alabama. Photographer and social activist John Kouns traveled to Selma for the expressed purpose of documenting the work that would lead to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The images captured by Kouns focuses on the demonstrations and marches that took place before and after the infamous beatings that became known as "Bloody Sunday." Represented here are photos of Freedom Day, Turnaround Tuesday, and the final Selma to Montgomery marches.


Dr. Kent Kirkton, Founding Director

Dr. Karin Stanford, Special Projects Director

Keith Rice, Historian/Archivist

Tina Gharai, Archival Assistant