Music in Motion: Roxane I. BergerApril 4 - May 23, 2019

Music in Motion

Music of the Spheres; Triptych; 36” x 24” & 36” x 48” & 36”x 24”Acrylic on Canvas on Board

The paintings in Music in Motion visually explore Roxane Berger’s muse: music. Whether formally composed, or just ambient sounds like the lapping of waves or rustling leaves, music surrounds us, adding color and rhythm to life. Like the ancient Greeks and Chinese believed, Berger acknowledges that music has the power to heal and enliven, transform and transport. Ancient Chinese characters and modern musical symbols embedded in the paintings function as icons that convey the transcendent and timeless quality of music.

Based in Topanga, California, artist Roxane Berger works as an interior and lighting designer for Topanga Architecture and Design, the company she and her husband founded. An alumnus (B.A., M.A., Art), she teaches Interior Design in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at CSUN.

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