Thank You to Our Community Founding Donors

as of July 21, 2015


Gene Haas Foundation

John and Beverly Stauffer Foundation

Microsoft Foundation

Marianne and Dr. James Mertzel

Sally and Philip Magaram, Hon. D. ‘03

Cynthia and Bob Rawitch ‘67

Bill Allen

Broadway Federal Bank

Carol Shubin

Evelyn B.E. Bautista ‘62

Rodney S. Davis and Jeffrey W. Baker

Marilyn and Alan Popiel

Miriam Rain, in memory of Leo J. Rain, M.D.

Sara and Bob Bauer

Shari Tarver-Behring and John Behring

The Honorable Joy and Dr. Gerald Picus

Barbara ’78 and Richard Bergman ‘77

Rita and Norm Roberts

Toba and Earl Greinetz

Janice and Benjamin Reznik

The Eisner Foundation

Louis Colen

Patricia and Robert Kiddoo, M ‘69

Community Partners

The Capital Group Companies Foundation

The Tseng College, California State University, Northridge

Lon and Rocky Morton Donor Advised Fund

Northridge Hospital Medical Center

Participant Media

Occidental Petroleum

Ellen and Howard Wang ‘67

Richard ’82 and Debra Farra ‘82

Neiman Marcus Topanga

Don G. Gumpertz

Regina and Joseph Scheer

Ronni ’66 and Shepard Goodman ‘64

The Air Products Foundation

Dr. Bela and Angie Kasza

Jackie and Howard Banchik ‘62

Jean and Greg Buesing

Rita Streimer, in loving memory of Irving Streimer

Bonnie and Vance Peterson

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

In memory of Lydia Schneider

The University Corporation

Helen and Alan Lowy

Virginia and Tom McCarron ‘76

The Honorable Glenn A. Mahler

Bastian & Perrott, Oswald Mortuary

Los Angeles Opera

In honor of Gailya Brown

Shirley J. ’75 and Dr. Martin Lebowitz

Debra ’75 and Sim Farar

Andrea ’80 and Don Reinken

Jiliane ’63, M ’72 and Richard Fager ‘62

Beverly Kamber, in memory of Stan Kamber

Pyramid Pipe & Supply Company

Community Partners

Shirley Ford

Annie and Barry Cleveland

In memory of Olie and Sibyl Brown

Stephen Horwitz ‘67

Merkie and Ivan Rowan

Cathy ’89 and David Kort

Phyllis and Irvin Mael

Maria Elena Zavala and James Parker

Christine ’64 and Owen Smith ’65, M ‘67

California State University, Northridge University Club

Sheryl and Vincent Barabba ‘62

In memory of Rocky Childs

Diana Homer and Richard Homer

Kenneth Tapola ‘73

Arts Council for California State University, Northridge

Karen and John Bradley

June and Herbert Frankenberg

Maureen and Robert Gohstand

Bernice and Leonard Haber

Barbara ’74 and Donald Kornblau

Elizabeth and Danny Markoe ‘72

Janice and Mark Winston

Providence Health and Services

Kaiser Permanenta

Nicholas T. Goldsborough

Joann and Stan Benson

Zane Averbach and Ricki J. Averbach

The Boeing Company

Florence A. ’67 and David Kleine ‘66

Winner & Associates

Dr. Deborah Leidner

Renee Tepper

David Honda

Sandra and Irving Klasky

Gloria and Ronald Malkin

Cantor Judith Greenfeld and Michael Greenfeld

Elizabeth and Salvatore Piazza

Debra E. Srery-Weiss ’79 and Scott J. Weiss ‘78

Allyn and Jeffrey L. Levine

Claire and Donald Marks

Marcia M. and Steven H. Medof

Gayle ’67 and Philip Tauber ‘68

Rebecca ’83 and Pierre Tada ‘80

Sandra ’84 and Ronald Zacky

Elaine Berke

David Bienstock

Jane and Herbert Boeckmann

Flora and George Buchler ‘72

Nancy and Philip Mundy ‘71

Suzanne and William Sutton

Lauren B. Leichtman ’72 and Arthur E. Levine

Peggy and Edward B. Robin