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Our mission is to provide vibrant and relevant arts programming for the surrounding neighborhoods and communities of The San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area. We provide pivotal arts experiences for some of the Valley’s most underserved residents and work alongside local k-12 schools to incorporate crucial arts learning into their curriculums. No matter their background, The Soraya is a place where students, families, arts patrons, and first-timers are all equally welcomed.


Persevering in the face of challenges is part of our DNA — a two-decade quest for a site, a fundraising campaign interrupted by the Great Recession, and construction stalled by a state budget crisis. In the face of adversity, the Valley Performing Arts Center was born from tenacity. CSUN’s commitment was the game-changer, followed by support from County and State public leaders; Valley citizens and philanthropists joined the cause, and Younes and Soraya Nazarian secured a vision for the future.

Typically, this is the time of year when many supporters renew their annual gifts and purchase season tickets. If your circumstances allow, please consider re-allocating some of those resources to this one-time effort. These are unusual times, and they demand of us that we stand up bold ideas. Please join in making them a reality.

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If you’d like to support an individual project, please contact The Soraya Development Department at (818) 677-8877 or You can view our online performances by clicking here.

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Our Supporters


Violins of Hope major gifts have been provided by:

The Annenberg Foundation

Program Underwriting

The Green Foundation

Arts Education Underwriting

Milt ‘68 and Debbie Valera

Itzhak Perlman Opening Night Sponsors

The Labowe Family Foundation

Artist-in-Residence Sponsor

The Tseng College at CSUN

Itzhak Perlman Opening Night Reception

Lloyd Rigler Lawrence E. Deutsch


Performance Sponsor

Earl S. Enzer ’83 & Karen D. Enzer ‘82

Performance Sponsor



Susanne Reyto & Geri Morguelan



Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin


State Senator Ben Allen

City Attorney Mike Feuer

State Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel

LA City Councilmember Paul Krekorian

County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

State Assemblymember Marc Levine

The Honorable Joy Picus

LAUSD Board Member Scott Schmerelson

U.S. Representative Brad Sherman

The Honorable Zev Yaroslavsky

LA City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield

Secretary of State Alex Padilla

Retired LA City Controller and CSUN

Executive In Residence Wendy Greuel

LA City Councilmember John Lee

LAUSD Board Member Nick Melvoin

Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian

State Senator Robert Hertzberg



Dr. Bonnie Faherty & Edward G. Feldman


Dr. Marlene F. Bane

Jill Banks Barad & Ross Hopkins

Rosalyn Berg & Neal M. Berg ‘80

Dr. Sandra L. Klasky ‘77

Sherry Lapides

Francine Oschin ‘84, MA ‘85

The Honorable Joy Picus

Dr. Carol Shubin

Marcella Tyler



Sam Yebri


Ori Blumenfeld

John Ly

Sara Jean Lipmen

Noah Berkowitz

Arielle Mokhtarzadeh

Aaron Taxy

Marina Torres

Teddy Kapur

Adeena Bleich

Leeor Alpern

Samantha Millman

Jason Levin

Yoni Fife

Naama Haviv

Kevin Weiser

Ami Fields-Mayer

Adam Seiff

Madeline McKenna

Ana Dahan


Y&S Nazarian

Family Foundation



The Annenberg Foundation

The Green Foundation

Sheila Kurland ’78 & Stanford L. Kurland ‘75

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Debbie Valera & Milt Valera ‘68

$25,000 - $49,999

The Labowe Family Foundation

Kathleen P. Martin

The Lloyd E. Rigler–Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation


$10,000 - $24,999

Jill Banks Barad & Dr. Ross B. Hopkins

Rosalyn Berg & Neal M. Berg ‘80

Dr. Mary A. Ditto & Frank W. Becker

Earl S. Enzer ‘83 & Karen D. Enzer ‘82

The Fanny & Svante Knistrom Foundation

Sherry Lapides

Los Angeles Jewish Symphony

Saint Nicholas Foundation

Conor O’Neil

Francine Oschin ‘84, MA ‘85

Elizabeth A. Purcell

The Ring Foundation

Stanley & Anita Hirsh Trust

Dr. Carol Shubin

Linda Swarzman & Judd T. Swarzman CLU

The Tseng College at CSUN

U.S. Bank Foundation– Christina Ketsoyan

Wilmington Trust – Brian Oard




Josephine A. Barbera ‘61,

MA ‘70 & Robert J. Barbera

Dr. Shari-Tarver Behring & John Behring

The Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation

The Braun Family

Roberta Cipra ‘85, Sherlock Cipra & Dale Cipra ‘73

Melissa Clinton & Ryan Clinton

The County of Los Angeles Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

Renee M. Di Pierro & Vincent T. Di Pierro ‘77

Nancy Easterly & Mike Easterly

Dr. Bonnie Faherty & Edward G. Feldman

Goldman Sachs

Yvonne L. Green

Dr. Noah S. Marco & Connie Marco, MA, MFT, & Estelle Marco

Milken Family Foundation

The Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation

*Dr. Raul Ruiz

Charlene M. Sievers ‘74 & Michael W. Sievers


$2,500 - $4,999

Linda Abell & Jeffrey M. Abell


Jeffrey W. Baker & Rodney S. Davis

Dr. Marlene F. Bane

Charles Berney

Christine Burdick-Bell & Michael F. Bell

Jilanne P. Fager ‘63, MA ‘72 & Richard A. Fager ‘62

Karen W. Harper & Don Harper

Christina Jaskiewicz

Patricia A. Kiddoo & Dr. Robert J. Kiddoo ‘69

Deborah L. Myman & Robert M. Myman

Joyce A. Primes ‘75 & David M. Primes ‘76, MS ‘12

Dr. Cynthia Z. Rawitch & Robert J. Rawitch ‘67

Andrea M. Reinken ‘80 & Donald Reinken

Christi K. Robinson ‘07 & John Robinson

Rydell Chevrolet – Gus Garcia

Marcella A. Tyler & Richard R. Tyler

Susan P. Washton & Martin C. Washton

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (2)

Julie E. Blair ‘13 & Scott L. Blair ‘97, MA ‘07

Joan A. Boyett

Susan P. Brown & Robert F. Brown

Edward Burke ‘59, MA ‘69

The Burkhart Foundation

Catherine M. Cameron & Dr. Donald J. Cameron

The Charitable Foundation

Allison B. Clago

Christine Clark & Jimmy L. Clark ‘87

The County of Los Angeles Supervisor Kathryn Barger

Adrianna Cruz-Ocampo

Lynne DeWitt & James Dewitt

Gordon Durand

Susan G. Ettinger ‘80, MS ‘84

Walter Fidler

The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation

Gail Fonosch

Timothy W. Fox & Phyllis Russell ‘76

Deanna M. Freeman-Gorman & Alfred J. Gorman

Sandra A. Friedman & Ronald S. Friedman ‘70

Wendy Furth

Grant Geissman

Christina Gertz & Ronald H. Gertz ‘73

Marian B. Gould ‘79 & Jerome Gould

Leah V. Granof

George A. Johnson

Great Western Foils

Dr. Dianne F. Harrison & Mr. John L. Wujack

Barbara Johnson

Julie Korenstein ‘71

Judith Kugel

Deirdre M. Larkin ‘88 & Edwin C. Tingstrom

Helen Lowy ‘75 & Alan G. Lowy

Haviva Maroko & Michael Maroko

Cathleen Meyers

Miriam B. Jaffe

The Honorable Joy N. Picus & Dr. Gerald S. Picus

Barbara Pinchuk & Sheldon Pinchuk

Cheryl Santor

Kathleen Schwartzman

Maggy Simon & Jack B. Simon

Thor Steingraber

Karen & Sandy Tandler

Margaret B. Thomas

Village Travel Store

Julia Strickland & Timothy S. Wahl

Rachel Weissberger & Joel Weissberger

Florentina West

James Wolff



Dr. Annette A. Besnilian ‘94, EdD ‘13 & George G. Besnilian

Susan Cole Cassling ‘92

Eileen Cordi '75

Ana T. Dahan

David Fleming & Jean Fleming

Mark & Marla Gitig

Linda Hoban & Louis L. Hoban ‘98

Katherine Hongchoy

Ada & Jim Horwich Family Foundation

Glorya Kaufman

Dr. Sandra L. Klasky ‘77 and Dr. Irving Klasky

Harriet Leibovitch & Dr. Eric R. Leibovitch

Marla Lefton ’83 & Cary J. Lefton

Isolda Luber

Janice Kamenir-Reznik, Esq.

Anita Mann Kohl & Allen D. Kohl

Laurie Mondrus ‘71 & Charles Mondrus

Sherri W. Morr ‘75 & Paul Verger

Alan Nahmias

Natalie Noblitt & Jeffrey M. Noblitt

Maria S. Paredes

Karen K. Platt

Nancy Porter

Gloria S. Reyes ‘93 & Samuel Reyes

Helene L. Schacter & Dr. Robert I. Schacter

Donna Stillo

Barbara G. Sunenshine ‘96

Dorothy F. Ungerleider ‘75

Marlene Varnen

Leslie Vermut

The Weingart Foundation

Laurence Wolfe & Susan Wolfe

Alma R. Zatarain ‘80 & Mark A. Bowland

$250 - $499

Cathy A. Bennett ‘82 & Paul Bennett

Jean O. Buesing & Gregory P. Buesing

Cindy L. Chernow ‘78, MA ‘91 & Dr. Daniel M. Chernow ‘67, MA ‘89 MA ‘03

Dr. Marjorie S. Denker ‘77

Ruth Lindeck Forman & Lee S. Forman

Estelle K. Hekkers ‘96

V. Rev. Spencer T. Kezios

Susan Knox

Julie McDonald

Maria Meissner

Patricia I. Miller ‘72, MA ‘76 & Robert H. Miller ‘73, MA ‘76

Gerhard Paskusz

Monika Poe & Terry D. Poe

Ludmila Rastor

Sabrina & Bradley Rife

Laura L. Rishe ‘72 & Jerrold E. Rishe ‘72

Carol Rosenberg ‘93 & Howard A. Rosenberg

Michael C. Ryan & Kenneth B. Howard

Fred Scholder

Mariann & Paul Springer

Patricia Streeter

Paul Troy

Paula G. Watkins & Dr. William C. Watkins ‘74


Evelyn V. Bautista*

Paul J. Beress ‘69*

Ed Burke ‘59, MA ‘69

Janet A. Kaplan

Howard F. Layne*

Larry Layne

Joy N. Picus

Clyde R. Porter*

Dr. Carol Ann S. Shubin

Donna Stillo

Bob Stiefel ‘67 & Ed T. Imparato




Linda & Mike Curb, Hon. D. '09



ADP Foundation

Aerojet Rocketdyne

The Ahmanson Foundation

The Honorable Michael D. Antonovich

Josephine '61, MA '70 & Robert Barbera

Mary '63 & Jack Bayramian

Dr. Ami & Remo Belli

Edythe & Eli Broad

Linda Brown '75

California Community Foundation

Rekha & Pradip Choksi

California State University, Northridge Alumni Association

California State University, Northridge Foundation Board

Karen Dunbar-Enzer '82 & Earl Enzer '83

Jaleh '86 & Dr. Galen Etemad

Jean & David Fleming, Hon. D. '09

Follett Higher Education Group

Richard L. Gay

Robbi & Rickey Gelb

Ilene & Stanley Gold

Goldman Sachs & Co.

John Golisch '72

Laurence K. Gould, Jr.

The Green Foundation

Cynthia Haas Griffeth '78 & William C. Griffeth '80, Hon. D. '17

Mary & Samuel Bond Haskell, III

Horace Heidt Big Bands Foundation

HGA Architects and Engineers

Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch

Joseph Drown Foundation

Janet & Benjamin Kaplan

Dr. Jolene Koester & Dr. Myron W. Lustig

The Sheila & Stanford L. Kurland Family Foundation

Ellie & Mark Lainer

Walter Lantz Foundation

Sherry & Albert Lapides, MS '68

Larry Layne & Dr. Sheelagh Boyd

Elizabeth & Howard Layne

Marla & Cary Lefton

Virginia Mancini

Erika & Gus Manders '64

MGM and UA Service Company

Microsoft Foundation

Timothy Miklaucic & Ana Loehnert

Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co., LLP

Muriel Pollia Foundation

Barry J. Nadell

National Notary Association

Nextel Communications

Northern Trust, NA

Lisa & Charles Noski '73, MS '95, Hon. D '07

Valerie & Sanford P. Paris

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Nancy & Clyde Porter

JoAnn & Leonard Roth

Eda & Robin Rousselet '79, MS '97, MS '10

Samuel Goldberg & Sons Foundation, Inc.

The Honorable Brad Sherman

Charlene & Burton Sperber Foundation

State Farm Insurance©

Stern Family Foundation

Bob Stiefel '67 & Ed Imparato

Manja & Dennis Swanson

Milt '68 & Debbie Valera

Valley Alliance for the Arts

Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Warner Bros.

Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo Foundation

The Honorable Zev Yaroslavsky, Hon. D. '15


$2,500 to $24,999

The Air Products Foundation

Bill Allen Hon. D. '14

Arts Council for California State University, Northridge

Jackie & Howard Banchik '62

Sheryl & Vincent Barabba '62, Hon. D. '12

Bastian & Perrott, Oswald Mortuary

Sara & Bob Bauer

Evelyn V.E. Bautista '62

Joann & Stan Benson '07, MA '09

Barbara '76 & Richard Bergman '77

Elaine Berke

David Bienstock

Jane & Herbert Boeckmann

The Boeing Company

Karen '64 & John Bradley

Broadway Federal Bank

In honor of Gailya Brown

In memory of Olie & Sibyl Brown

Flora & George Buchler '72

Jean & Greg Buesing

Walter J. Perez, California Industrial Group Corporation

California State University, Northridge University Women's Club

The Capital Group Companies Foundation

In memory of Rocky Childs

Annie & Barry Cleveland

Louis L. Colen

Rodney S. Davis & Jeffrey W. Baker

Carolyn DeFoe Reiss

Dignity Health

The Eisner Foundation

Jilanne '63, MA '72 & Richard Fager '62

Dr. Debra '75, MA '87 & Sim Farar

Richard '82 & Debra Farra '82

Shirley Ford

June & Herbert Frankenburg

Robert Gohstand & Maureen Kelly

Nicholas T. Goldsborough

Ronni '66 & Shepard Goodman '64

Cantor Judith Greenfeld & Michael Greenfeld

Toba & Earl Greinetz

Groman Eden Mortuary

Donald G. Gumpertz

Gene Haas Foundation

Sue '64 & The Honorable Alan Haber '64

Bernice & Leonard Haber

Diana & Dr. Richard Homer

David Honda

Stephen Horwitz '67

Kaiser Permanente

Beverly & Stan Kamber

Dr. Béla & Ange Kasza

Patricia & Dr. Robert Kiddoo '69

Dr. Sandra Klasky '77 & Dr. Irving Klasky

Florence A. '67 & David Kleine '66

Dr. Barbara '74 & Dr. Donald Kornblau

Los Angeles Opera

Shirley J. '75 & Dr. Martin Lebowitz

Lauren B. Leichtman '71 & Arthur E. Levine

Dr. Deborah Leidner

Allyn & Jeffrey L. Levine

Helen '75 & Alan Lowy

Phyllis & Irvin Mael

Sally & Philip Magaram, Hon. D '03

The Honorable Glenn A. Mahler '69

Gloria & Ronald Malkin

Elizabeth & Danny Markoe '72

Claire & Donald Marks '67

Virginia & Tom McCarron '76

Marianne & Dr. James Mertzel

Lon and Rocky Morton Donor Advised Fund

Moss Adams Foundation

Nancy & Philip Mundy '71

Neiman Marcus Topanga


Occidental Petroleum

Participant Media

Anne '65 and John Payne

Elizabeth & Salvatore Piazza

The Honorable Joy & Dr. Gerald Picus

Marilyn & Alan Popiel '70

Providence Health and Services

Pyramid Pipe & Supply Company

Miriam Rain, in memory of Leo J. Rain, M.D.

Cynthia & Robert Rawitch '67

Andrea '80 & Don Reinken

Professor Todd Russell Reinstein

Janice and Benjamin Reznik

Rita & Norm Roberts

Peggy '75 & Edward B. Robin

Merkie '76 & Dr. Ivan Rowan

Thomas L. Safran

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

Regina & Joseph Scheer

In memory of Lydia Schneider

Dr. Carol Shubin

Dr. Christine '64 & Owen Smith '65, MA '67

John and Beverly Stauffer Foundation

Rita Streimer, in loving memory of Irving Streimer

Suzanne & William Sutton

Rebecca '83 & Pierre Tada '80

Dr. Shari Tarver-Behring & John Behring

Gayle '67 & Philip Tauber '68

Renee Tepper

The Tseng College, California State University, Northridge

The University Corporation

Julia Strickland & Tim Wahl

Ellen & Howard Wang '67

Debra E. Srery-Weiss '79 & Scott J. Weiss '78

Winner & Associates

Janice & Mark Winston

Sandra '84 & Ronald Zacky

Dr. Maria Elena Zavala & James Parker

Dignity Health Northridge Hospital Medical Center
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