Soraya Stories: Rosanne Cash

Soraya Stories: Rosanne Cash

“Your audience—they’re real music people...They’re coming to participate and they’re coming to feel their feelings.”

Name: Rosanne Cash

About: In 2019, Rosanne Cash made her 2nd appearance at The Soraya, performing from her latest album, She Remembers Everything, with husband and collaborator, John Leventhal. One of the country’s pre-eminent singer-songwriters, Cash has released 15 albums of extraordinary songs that have earned four Grammy Awards and nominations for 11 more. 



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The latest from Rosanne Cash 

Will Miss What I Wanted to Lose

The Atlantic | by Rosanne Cash

Near the end of my tour, in March, the coronavirus cases were rising back home in New York, and the emergency declarations kept coming, as we left California, as we left Colorado, as we got to Idaho. “I just want to go home,” I told John, my husband and musical partner, over and over. On the day of our Boise show, the Idaho governor declared a state of emergency. John and I got on the phone with my agent and my manager to discuss the risk—physical and professional—of canceling. But it was too late. Refunding tickets at that point would have been a nightmare, and I felt a responsibility to the audience. Ten minutes before the show, I had the driver drop me at the stage door. I didn’t go into the green room, didn’t look in a mirror and fix my hair, didn’t pace or make tea. I stood like a statue in the wings, then walked onstage, sang, walked off, got in the car, went back to the hotel, packed, and got the earliest flight back home the next day.

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A Look back to Rosanne's last performance at The Soraya (Feb 17, 2019)

Rosanne Cash and band at The Soraya (Photo: Ricki Quinn)
Rosanne Cash and band at The Soraya (Photo: Ricki Quinn)
John Leventhal and Rosanne Cash at The Soraya (Photo: Ricki Quinn)
Rosanne Cash and band at The Soraya (Photo: )

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