Director Selects: The Man Behind Food Network TV’s “Good Eats”

Director Selects: The Man Behind Food Network TV’s “Good Eats”

Almost everyone remembers the first time they were faced with cooking a turkey. It’s intimidating – the weight of the holiday on your shoulders with all your loved ones looking on. Everyone has an opinion – to brine or not to brine, to stuff or not to stuff, and the boldest holiday hosts even contemplate deep frying. etc. About 20 years ago, when I was faced with this challenge, I turned to Alton Brown on the Food Network. He was my kinda guy – scientific on one hand and entertaining on the other. It wasn’t just advice he offered on air, it was evidence-based practices and techniques, delivered in an upbeat and humorous way.

It was more than my debt of gratitude that inspired me to add him to the Soraya’s holiday calendar. It was also the fact that his stage show has been wildly popular, performing to sold-out audiences everywhere it goes. Please join me on December 17 for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Alton Brown won’t be cooking a turkey this time, but he has a lot of other tricks (culinary and otherwise) up his sleeve.


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