wild Up | of Ascension
Christopher Rountree, Director & Conductor
wild Up | of Ascension
Photo Credit: Courtesy of David Lieberman
Great Hall (Directions & Parking)
$44–$66 (Prices subject to change)
** This is a past performance, this event was on Sat., November 10, 2018 **

wild Up | of Ascension
Christopher Rountree, Director & Conductor

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Thursday’s concert with wild Up has been canceled. Ticket holders are welcome to contact the ticket office for an exchange to Saturday’s performance or a refund if they are unable to attend. Saturday’s performance will continue as scheduled.

Los Angeles music ensemble wild Up and conductor Christopher Rountree premiere a cutting-edge program of contemporary music by a collection of avant-garde composers, including 2018 Pulitzer Prize finalist Ted Hearne. This premiere is co-commissioned by The Soraya.

Ted Hearne: One Like
Brian Ferneyhough: Time Motion Study 1
Julius Eastman: If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?
George Lewis: Oraculum
Björk: Desired Constellation
Ted Hearne: Illuminating the Maze
Weston Olencki: bent
Jen Hill: Piece for Internet
Oliver Messiaen: Interstellar Call from Des Canyons aux etoiles

of Ascension:

For ages, humans have been inspired by the act of rising, by being lifted off the ground and into flight. With an ensemble of wind instruments and a rhythm section: we follow the lines of celestial pop music, ecstatic Sufi spinning, wild free jazz, gripped complexity, and antiphonal polyphony. For wild Up, of Ascension is an architecture filled with vibrant noise — one that connects disparate stylistic artforms inside a self-similar sound.